Talent Development

Talent4Success’s Talent Development Practice aims to tangibly improve business performance through people development.

We understand what’s at stake for organizations:

  • Management/workforce misalignment
  • Identity/cultural instability
  • Identity/cultural instability
  • Lowered employee/management engagement and motivation
  • Talent turnover
  • Job uncertainty
  • Lack of appropriate competencies

We know what companies value in a resource:

  • A trusted and credentialed business partner
  • Consultative and highly tailored solutions – not “off-the-shelf”
  • Flexibility in approach to meet unique circumstances
  • Business results orientation
  • Hassle-free implementation
  • Access to real-time quality data and metrics

The “People Side” of Transitions

As organizations seek better business outcomes, they often do so by employing transitions in a strategic way. These transitions may involve “non-recurring” events, such as mergers/acquisitions, restructurings, and culture/strategy change, or they can include common “recurring events” such as critical role changes and promotions.

In either case, given the significant business goals at risk, executing the “people side” of transitions for strategic competitive advantage is critically important.

For some time Talent4Success has been supporting organizations, individuals and teams to respond to the events and related challenges of strategic transitions.

Talent4Success’s Talent Development practice helps customers anticipate the people impact of transitions by delivering integrated talent development solutions that avoid unintended financial consequences and secure the achievement of mission critical financial outcomes.

Talent4Success’s global footprint allows companies to implement fast, comprehensive, multi-country projects, aligned with corporate values but always respecting local cultures and realities.

Talent4Success’s Talent Development Services align with the results you need and the qualities you value in a working partner.

Talent Development Solutions

In the context of implementing strategic transitions, Talent4Success addresses the challenges faced by three key entities: individuals, teams and the organization. For those constituents, Talent4Success provides a range of services across two talent development disciplines: Engagement and Development.


Engaging the Individual, Team and Organization

Executive Coaching

Executive coaching means different things to different people. At Talent4Success, executive coaching means shortening executives’ time-to-competence in today’s increasingly demanding leadership roles and focuses unwaveringly on business performance. Talent4Success’s Executive Coaching is a comprehensive solution delivered by experienced peer-level coaches who, like your executives, are accountable for achieving business results. By employing a consistent yet flexible four-step coaching methodology, Talent4Success coaches help coachees to understand how their behaviour and the perception of their behaviour impact the business, and to develop an action plan for making meaningful change. High-performing and emerging talent each face significant pressures to deliver results, and Talent4Success’s executive coaches provide support to cultivate relationships with key stakeholders, re-direct strengths and adopt new behaviours in order to step up to the demands of dynamic and changing markets.

Talent4Success delivers results in the following seven coaching situations:

  • High-Potential Coaching to build a ready pipeline of talent.
  • Individual Performance Coaching to enable top talent to achieve mission-critical objectives.
  • On boarding Coaching to accelerate early traction and avoid failure of an internal transfer or external hire.
  • Team Coaching to leverage individual and collective leadership strengths.
  • Expatriate Coaching to prepare and support executives to assimilate into foreign cultures and to enhance performance.
  • Career Coaching to guide emerging talent to take charge of planning their own careers in alignment with the organization and its expectations.
  • Transition Coaching to enable a leader who is successfully performing in one role takes on another role with different responsibilities (role-to-role transitions).


Talent4Success supports organizations in the design and implementation of custom Mentoring Programs. Our proven approach, methods and tools help to create the right conditions for engagement, knowledge sharing and self-development to occur. Central to the success of Talent4Success’s mentoring programs is a comprehensive communications plan that sets clear expectations and prepares all stakeholders to achieve valued results.


In times of organizational change, implementing a comprehensive Redeployment plan can be essential to retaining mission critical talent. Talent4Success supports organizations and individuals to explore and leverage new internal avenues for career development and contribution based on personal strengths and the strategic needs of the organization. Redeployment initiatives are implemented under a variety of circumstances, such as project terminations, team demobilizations, and plant or facility closings.

“Accelerating Role Transition”

Following significant organizational change, leaders must adapt quickly to a new reality and to new roles. Talent4Success’s Accelerating Role Transition is a structured process that allows leaders to speed up the assimilation process and to perform effectively in a new context.

Team Contracting

As organizations flatten their structures, there is an increasing dependence on the ability of newly formed teams and workgroups to achieve financial results. Team Contracting synchronizes expectations and commitments, drives ownership and removes barriers to achievement. By establishing an explicit agreement between two or more individuals when mission-critical goals are at stake, Talent4Success Team Contracting provides more immediate business results at less cost than traditional leadership development programs, thus delivering a higher ROI for the organization.

Employee Alignment

Following any significant change, organizations often face the daunting challenge of how to re-engage their talent to achieve higher performance levels. Through an Employee Alignment process, Talent4Success supports organizations even before the change event occurs to execute a comprehensive transition process that guarantees business continuity and improvement in the results achieved.

Cultural Integration

The success of a merger or acquisition relies on the ability to achieve true cultural integration. How does one integrate assumptions, values and beliefs? What steps facilitate the ability for well-established behaviour patterns to change? Talent4Success’s Cultural Integration Consulting process acknowledges that integration is a group learning process that requires awareness, reflection, dialogue and action. Our methods and tools act as a catalyst for this learning process.


Developing the Individual, Team and Organization

Strategic Leadership Development

Leaders must be conscious of how their actions and behaviours contribute to the organization’s overarching strategy and cultural values. Talent4Success’s Strategic Leadership Development creates a safe and structured environment for self-awareness, collective reflection and development that connects with the organization’s strategic imperatives and values. Through a combination of self-assessment tools, 360-degree feedback surveys and group reflection, leaders gain personal insights and learn from one another to achieve greater alignment.

Navigating/Leading Through Change

The unintended consequence of organizational change can be a significant drop in productivity, which in turn puts mission critical business goals at risk. With so much at stake, Talent4Success offers two targeted solutions to minimize the risks of change: Leading Through Organizational Change and Navigating Through Organizational Change. These are dynamic and highly interactive workshops that are tailored to ensure leaders keep their teams productive and employees overcome the natural fear and uncertainty that can inhibit performance.

Team Effectiveness

In a connected world, a company’s key competitive advantage is the capacity of their people to make decisions and perform better together. Team Effectiveness is a structured process to allow an established team to create the needed intimacy to perform quickly and with better outcomes.

Cultural Transformation

All changes in business environment, organizational strategy and processes require a change in the way employees and leaders behave. Talent4Success Cultural Transformation allows companies and their people to address the subtle changes that are needed in order to achieve their goals, independent of what is changing around them.

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