Executive Search & Recruitment

The future success of your company relies to a great extent on its ability to find the highly qualified, talented people who fit in with your corporate culture. The specialists at Talent4Success are extremely good at finding the talent you need without fail, across all sectors; irrespective of whether the right person is a relative newcomer or has a proven track record.

We have been concentrating on talented people and their careers for many years and that’s why our experienced consultants not only know how and where to find suitably qualified team members and executives, they also know how to convince them to make a change in their careers. This applies equally to filling vacancies in your overseas companies and searching for international candidates to take up new positions in Belgium, Luxembourg and the Netherlands.

Executive Search

We know how to find the right senior executives and top experts to fill vacancies in medium-sized businesses and international groups, whatever the industry. Our closely interlinked Executive Search and Assessment services enable us to ideally back up your personnel decisions. We make sure your most recently hired employees are soon familiar with their new roles and capable of achieving the outstanding results you need.

Executive Search – directly finding the right top people

A successful executive search begins by precisely defining the client’s expectations of the person needed to fill the vacancy. Working together, we establish exactly which professional and cultural expertise is required. The best way to fill vacancies at executive level is to approach candidates directly, which can only be done by consultants with suitable contacts and pronounced expertise in the relevant industries – specialists who speak the candidates’ language. Talent4Success has exactly these consultants. They are all highly experienced experts in their various sectors and integrated in reliable networks that enable them to find the right candidates with precisely defined suitability profiles.

Our recruitment team consists solely of specialists with management experience at a level equal to that of the vacant position. This strategy makes our team credible and authentic to the candidates, and negotiations are held with depth, certainty and confidence.

As experts for talented professionals and their careers across the full employment lifecycle, we are more capable than anyone of discovering, developing and retaining talented senior staff. We find the most suitable top performers for the vital positions in your company, helping you safeguard the future economic success of your organisation.

More than just headhunters

Our personnel consultants know the movers and shakers, and are part of a closely-knit network of the relevant groups of candidates – mostly on a personal basis, but also via social networks. Based on their contacts and research as well as the identification of suitable target companies, we shortlist high-quality, potential senior candidates who we then directly approach in person. In the course of in-depth interviews and with the help of instruments from our Assessment services, such as psychological test methods or assessment centres, we selectively narrow the group of candidates down to those top-notch, talented individuals who best match your suitability profile. You then meet these people in person and win them for your company.

Sectors and functions

A successful search for highly qualified talent and senior management leaders greatly relies on innate knowledge of the particular industry. For this reason, every Talent4Success consultant has many years of top-level industry experience and first-class contacts, right up to the highest corporate levels.

You can benefit greatly from the profound knowledge and competence of our experienced specialists in the industrially specified search for the highly qualified, talented people capable of driving the future success of your company.

Executive Search: Solution-oriented and professional

Our experienced consultants are great judges of character, and well versed in the various market and competition environments. Many of them enjoyed successful careers in their own particular sectors before taking up their consultancy positions. At the same time, however, they possess broad knowledge, see the bigger picture and are capable of thinking out of the box, across conventional boundaries. Their specific abilities are supplemented by a close network of key decision-makers in the various sectors – i.e. your potential candidates.


  • Aerospace & Defence
  • Automotive (manufacturers and suppliers)
  • Building and real estate
  • Chemicals and pharmaceuticals
  • Consumer Goods and Trade
  • Financial and professional services
  • Health Care and medical technology
  • Heavy industry and metalworking
  • Information Technology
  • Industry: mechanical engineering, plant construction, tool manufacturing
  • Media, Entertainment & Services
  • Oil, Gas & Mining
  • Technology
  • Telecommunications
  • Transport and logistics
  • Utilities (gas, electricity and others)


  • Management functions with in-depth sector expertise
  • Industry experts and centralised functions in commerce
  • Sales and key account management
  • Technical experts in design, engineering, production and technology
  • Financial services specialists
  • Marketing and product management
  • Centralised functions in IT and information management
On-boarding coaching

The recruitment of qualified personnel and leading executives is crucial for success and should therefore be organised as reliably and professionally as possible. This makes it even more important to ensure that new employees are quickly and smoothly integrated in your company, to help them deliver maximum performance right from the start. The same also applies to talented performers from within your organisation who are in the process of assuming new roles.

Optimum performance after only a short time

On-boarding coaching or on-boarding consulting shortens the phase between the new employee joining and becoming fully productive, and is a proven measure for increasing the likelihood of their success. Our experienced coaches accompany your qualified team members and executives during the first 100 days in their new environment, and make it their business to get them off to a good start. Our on-boarding specialists act as sparring partners in developing strategies, assessing various courses of action and taking an objective look at the organisation.

With on-boarding coaching, Talent4Success looks at how your new executive is developing, right from the very first day. Give your talented performers an ideal start in their new posts!

Eliminating risks with on-boarding coaching

New team member will soon be capably performing executive duties at full efficiency. Not only that; the on-boarding strategy effectively minimises the risk of an expensive error or a high fluctuation rate, all at a mere fraction of the cost associated with the possible failure of your newly recruited executive.
On-boarding coaching: How we work

  • Coaching objectives are established between the appointing manager, the new executive, the HR department and the coach
  • A strategic plan is drawn up for the new executive regarding business over the next six months (responsibilities, performance standards, personal familiarisation and development plan)
  • Stakeholder analysis: to identify people who are crucial for the success of the company
  • A team meeting is planned and prepared to identify current issues, clarify leadership philosophy and agree on rafts of measures
  • Evaluation: to assess on-boarding coaching and its results using defined criteria, identify risks and, if necessary, alter the plan
Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO)

Changing economic landscapes, evolving business requirements, an increasingly global marketplace – all these factors impact an organisation’s workforce and keep constant pressure on its HR department. RPO has become a sustainable solution for many organisations that simply don’t have the resources to handle all their recruiting needs on their own.

With the right RPO solutions provider in place, you can optimise your workforce, reduce operational costs and risks, drive productivity and increase your ROI. Better still, you can reallocate resources to other vital initiatives.

Talent4Success is a regional leader in RPO, offering scalable, modular solutions across a wide range of sectors. We provide customised levels of service – both on-site and off—over varying durations of time to meet your specific needs. That includes tactical resolutions to immediate challenges as well as sustainable solutions that take the long view on talent acquisition.

RPO Process

Handing over control of your company’s recruitment process to another requires mutual trust. As your RPO partner, we establish that trust by assimilating ourselves into your culture, working side by side with you and becoming an extension of your HR department.

Once we know what is important to you and essential for your success, we can build innovative recruitment strategies that communicate your brand’s competitive advantage.

RPO Delivery Options & Models

We understand that in today’s rapidly evolving workforce, talent solutions need to be scalable and flexible. Our RPO delivery methods give you the freedom to structure your recruiting team in whatever way best suits your department and organisation. Options include:


Typically, on-site RPO delivery consists of a team that includes an account leader who acts as an embedded part of your management team, recruitment managers and sourcing and recruitment coordinators. The on-site model provides in-person service to your hiring managers while giving our recruiting team the opportunity to learn your company’s culture and employer value proposition first hand.

Your dedicated, on-site team will work daily with your hiring managers to establish selection criteria, source and screen candidates, interview and expedite the hiring process and manage the entire recruiting function within your walls.

Off-site (delivery centre)

For off-site RPO delivery, our teams will work remotely from our delivery centres -located both on-shore and off-shore -and coordinate with your HR department at defined recruitment touch points. This model involves a dedicated, off-site team that liaises with your hiring managers to establish criteria, interview and screen candidates and expedite the hiring process.

Strategic support

Our strategic support RPO delivery model gives you the option to have our recruiters work alongside a group of your employees for a defined duration of time or on a project basis. This model offers the benefit of additional resources where and when you need them while maintaining your core team of recruitment experts.


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