Career Transition

Pursuing careers in a single direction has become a thing of the past. Nowadays, if you are determined to get on, even the most talented person has to be prepared to take short cuts, detours and unexpected changes of direction. And sometimes you just have to learn how to surmount obstacles that stand in your way. Having to leave a company against your own will can be one of those situations.

Such a turning point in your career is the right time to take stock of your strengths and professional potential before deciding on a strategy for your career transition. Talent4Success, the Benelux market leader in the field of career and outplacement consulting, will lose no time in helping you explore promising new prospects.

Career Management

Are you stuck in a professional dead end and looking for a new challenge?

At Talent4Success, you can be sure to have found the right partner for furthering your career. You can determine the course of your career afresh – and we can help you take the next step to a better future – with long-term success.

Turning standstill into progress

Now is just the right time for us to take a closer look at your career together if you…

  • …cannot see any further prospects with your current employer;
  • …wish to change the line of business you are in or are looking for a whole new field of responsibility;
  • …wish to start anew after a professional setback.

Our careers advice perfectly prepares you for the competition you will be facing when it comes to submitting applications. You can be sure to make the right decision for your long-term career prospects.

Taking your Career in a new direction

Our experienced career advisors help to analyze your current professional situation, recognize your strengths and derive specific prospects from them. Together with you, we develop the ideal road map for your future professional journey – and consistently help you on the way towards finding your dream job.

Compact career advice: the next step in your career

Our Compact career advice comprises a total of nine hours of consultancy as well as the use of the Talent4Success online client portal for a period of three months. The consulting time is divided into five hours of personal consulting with your careers advisor and four hours of webinars.

Qualitative assessment and professional objectives

We analyze your current situation, taking into account professional triumphs, performance and experience. Together we define your personal situation and, on this basis, determine both your ideal working environment and ultimate professional objectives.

Application documents

Together we develop a detailed CV and prepare job applications that are designed to convince. Moreover, we determine which other documents are required to complete your compelling application.

Interview preparation

We help you build up the self-confidence you need for successfully handling job interviews. Together we work on making the perfect impression and how to present yourself. You will learn everything you need to know about the structure of a job interview and how it is held, and go into the interview perfectly prepared to answer the decisive core questions as well as any other difficult questions that may arise.

Additional Career Services

You can work on your career at any time, from anywhere in the world. With our online client portal, you have access to the several databases, enabling you to perform specific searches for attractive employers in your preferred lines of business and regions. Furthermore, with our help you can enter the hidden job market. You can also take advantage of our e-learning solutions to improve your Management, Personal Effectiveness, Communication, Office and/or Commercial skills.

Boost your career know-how in our live webinars. Find out everything you need to know about “composing a winning curriculum vitae”, “(online) applications skills”, “efficient networking” and “negotiating skills”, as well as numerous other exciting career topics.

Individual Outplacement

As one of the leading experts in the field of outplacement and career consulting, Talent4Success will help you focus on getting your career back on track as swiftly as possible and finding a new position that suits your interests and skills. Many years of career consulting experience combined with our in-depth knowledge of the employment markets – both now and in the future development – give us a crucial competitive edge, which we can turn to your advantage.

Getting to grips with Career Transition

Initially, together we take an in-depth look at the range of opportunities open to you. We will sound out your strengths and analyze your career progression to date. Our career consultants will also take your private wishes, specific circumstances and motivating factors into account. Our expert analysis will also be underpinned by psychological tests. You will be amazed to see how the process of professional reorientation helps you recognize your own potential. We will provide the know-how for you to learn how to enhance your profile, rediscover your resources and effectively mobilize your powers. All of this will help you regain belief in your own strengths and thus boost your self-confidence.

Effectively entering the job market via Outplacement

We will then jointly determine possible scenarios for the next steps in your professional career, comparing potential target sectors and positions with your own personal expectations. With their extensive sector and market knowledge, our career consultants will help you realistically assess your chances on the employment market. Our tightly woven network of contacts across a broad range of industries enables us to identify opportunities, not only those visible in the open job market, but also those that are unadvertised. As soon as the route you wish to take is clear, we set about putting the strategy into practice. Working closely with your consultant, you will devise your own individual plan of action to make your career transition a reality. You determine the extent and pace at which you wish to apply – and the specific activities you undertake.

With Talent4Success you can be sure of taking the right long-term decisions that soon get your professional career back on track. Our exceptionally high success rates and levels of customer satisfaction testify to the fact that we help you to find a good position that really suits you well – and not just any old job.

Career Transition: sustainable career consulting

Your written job applications and personal appearance will be well coordinated to present your personal skill set in its best light. Job application coaching, training and feedback will help you master any situations likely to arise during the application process. This applies, for example, to possible upcoming visits to assessment centers. You can also rely on the support of your outplacement consultant when it comes to preparing for contract negotiations and assessing the resulting terms offered.

Group Outplacement

Group outplacement is the right solution if your company is about to let go of a large number of employees. We help you organize a socially acceptable separation process, and pave the way for your exiting employees to finding new career prospects – both reliably and successfully.

Group Outplacement – Fair and socially acceptable

Our group outplacement program deploys instruments and methods that are also generally used for the individual consulting of qualified specialists and executives. They are based on a three-step concept comprising orientation, mobilization & qualification and placement.

Orientation involves taking stock of the situation, qualitative assessment and a personalized job market analysis. Mobilization relates to all those elements which help prepare your exiting employees for their placement in new jobs. Targeted qualification can considerably improve the prospects of placing a great many employees. The last stage of our concept is the actual placement itself. Here, we benefit from the long experience and well-founded sector expertise of our specialists, who are familiar with the various ways of accessing the job market.

With our systematic approach, which we have continually optimized over a long period, our clients tend to find new positions in around half the time they would have needed without our consulting services.

The objective is for your employees to quickly find their feet on the job market. Our excellent knowledge of regional job markets and our integration in regional networks put us in an ideal position to contact locally based companies. We effectively help your employees quickly and reliably find the new positions that are right for them.

Information for companies
Group outplacement – for companies

The main priority for most employees obliged to leave their current companies is to find new employment as quickly as possible. The sooner they are placed in a new, equivalent position, the less problematic the separation process is likely to be for all concerned. As a market leader in the field of outplacement with many years of experience, together with you, we master this challenge in a professional, results-oriented fashion. We develop a transparent, viable, made-to-measure separation concept.

The strategy perceptibly takes the strain off your HR people throughout the entire transition process. We provide you with comprehensive support with all our Talent measures. We provide you with extensive support for all your Talent measures. We hold separation seminars in order to train your executives, and prepare you for meetings with the employees affected.

Moving forward quickly to a new job with Group Outplacement

The ultimate goal of our outplacement consulting services is to help get your employees back into suitable jobs as soon as possible. In order to achieve this aim, they steadfastly work on new career prospects in both individual and group sessions. Together we define their professional objectives and any associated qualifications that may be required. Furthermore, your employees have the opportunity to participate in workshops dealing with specific topics. They provide more in-depth knowledge on topics discussed in individual consultation sessions, facilitate exchange with other colleagues, and train new types of behavior.

Together with your employees, we develop an application strategy and prepare professional application documents. We actively approach companies in the region and sift through the job market. We compare vacant positions with the applicants’ profiles and make suitable placement proposals. Our consultants support your employees throughout the entire application process – including preparing for and debriefing after job interviews.

Information for work councils
Group Outplacement - for Work Councils

When job cuts become inevitable, Talent4Success’ outplacement consulting services can be your first step towards arranging a socially acceptable separation process. Together with you, i.e. the works council, and the company’s management, we work to arrange a transfer redundancy payments scheme that enables a fair reconciliation of interests, and develop real prospects for the professional future of the affected employees.

Put your trust in Talent4Success, and benefit from our many years of experience in the field of outplacement consulting. With our support, your colleagues will soon be taking up new positions that suit their skills and aptitudes.

Finding solutions together with outplacement consulting

Based on our analysis of the company’s specific framework conditions and the individual situation of your colleagues, we develop a transparent, sustainable separation concept that takes possible government subsidies into account. You benefit from the extensive experience we have gained in many years offering outplacement-consulting services.

Senior Executive Solutions

If it becomes necessary to relieve one of your top executives of their duties, we support you professionally with an exclusive, tailored range of consulting services. As the Benelux market leader in the field of career consulting, we have many years of experience in the outplacement of senior executives who earn more than 150,000 euros per annum. We provide your former senior managers with intensive, individualized support in quickly finding a new, suitable position.

Exclusive Career Management for Senior Executives

In qualitatively assessing and observing the career development of your senior executives, we initially adopt a wide-angle perspective in order to discuss as broad a portfolio of alternative scenarios as possible. Moreover, we utilize scientifically proven systems of testing and assessment to give us a clear indication of the strengths of your executive, as well as success and motivation factors. Together with our consultant, during this phase your senior executive clarifies both objectives and positioning, which ultimately form the basis for the entire communication strategy. We then provide individualized support in dealing with the challenges associated with the application or the new position.

This applies equally to career consulting services provided to a top manager, a director, a supervisory board member or a manager – our senior executive consultants can relate to them, since they have all successfully held managerial positions in various sectors for many years. From their own experience, they are familiar with the individual needs of senior executives and understand the peculiarities of the professional world in which your senior people work.

Establishing and making use of networks

Working with networks of contacts plays a decisive role in the career consulting of senior executives, top managers and managing directors. Together with your executive, we work out a personalized roadmap of contacts that incorporates valuable Talent4Success contacts at both national and international levels.

Digital support

Providing leading-edge technology for individuals on the go, 24/7.
Whether you’re looking to find a new job, start your own business or explore options for retirement, “Horizon” is Talent4Success’ online portal for individuals in career transition.

“Horizon” connects you to exclusive job databases as well as information on recruiters and employers so you can get to know the market. Not only that, there’s e-learning courses covering all aspects of career transition, as well as tools and techniques for successfully achieving your next career goal.

Lifetime connections

When each “Horizon” user’s career transition service ends, they are automatically provided lifetime access to the T4S Alumni portal. The alumni website gives individuals access to extensive follow-up career transition content for those still in transition, and career management content for those who have achieved their career goal.

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