With our Chally assessment, you increase productivity, while reducing turnover and staff costs. Our assessment is based on scientifically validated assessments and talent audits for sales departments, sales management, executive leadership and for various professional functions. Whether you’re responsible for hiring new employees, assessing the performance of your current workforce, developing your sales and leadership teams, or succession planning for senior management, we maximize the return on your investment with our experience and talent analytics.
We want to increase the turnover, productivity and profitability of our clients with our solutions. To this end, we systematically determine which sales, service and management personnel meet the highest quality requirements. We typically work with our clients to:
  • Identify gaps in World Class benchmark standards
  • Measure and track potential improvements
  • Create quantitatively predictive profiles, skill levels and work habits of exceptional performers
  • Establish efficient candidate selection and employee development systems
  • Set up measurement systems that monitor performance against World Class standards
  • Provide tools for more effective and standardized application and coaching processes.
Our comprehensive assessment solutions include a complete suite of tools to support your talent management needs.
  • Creating profiles – job analysis, validation and mapping competences
  • Predictive assessments for selection and development
  • Talent audit for the right alignment and development
  • Tracking performance for analysis of performance or potential gaps
  • Customer feedback analysis
“Our Chally assessments provide added value – guaranteed!” Good solutions and services are only part of our commitment to customer satisfaction. Our customer service also includes:
  • Sound advisors, labor and organizational psychologists with a feeling for your market
  • Assistance with selection-related topics, such as application procedures, recruitment and coaching
  • Personal advice on request, focused on specific sales or marketing needs
  • Tailor-made profiles for all functions with a sufficient number of established performers for a statistical valuation
  • Continuous tracking to refine selection criteria and adapt profiles as your business model changes
An innovative application that measures skills related to specific business goals Our assessments include our unique, unparalleled database that allows us to apply analytics to skills to achieve specific objectives. With our targeted business application, our clients can focus their general talent management efforts towards specific goals. In doing so, they determine very precisely which development actions are required for specific competences in order to achieve those goals. Don’t let your employees cloud your strategic vision You can realize these benefits using our business application.
  • Save money: focus your development efforts on the general needs of your company and stop wasting a dollar developing competencies that are less relevant to your strategic goals.
  • Increase engagement: Place and develop your employees where they can excel and contribute to the success of your company.
  • Ensure clarity: map out the internal possibilities for a repositioning, possible promotions and succession planning.
  • More productivity, less turnover: Gain insight into the available talent and determine your succession planning based on the available talent and the required development.
How should you select, align and develop your sales talent?

View the Talent Audit overview below.

What is a Talent Audit?

While sales talent management is a strategic priority for most organizations, there is usually room for improvement in the way they evaluate their salespeople. Effectively deciding on sales talent management is virtually impossible if you rely on subjective and inconsistent methods. After all, they are not geared to the specific skills for a particular position. Also, the results may not be sufficient for objective and accurate decision-making.

The DNA of the sales skills within your organization at a glance

Our Talent Audit system allows you to accurately compare skills and overall potential for success, gaining insight into how a salesperson’s genetic profile is coded into his or her DNA. This allows organizations to create a complete list of the strengths and development needs of all salespeople at any level, within each team or across the organization. Once the Talent Audit system has been implemented, we will get to work with you. We continuously update information about new hires, promotions, new profiles, “derailers” and any other changes to your workforce and/or the needs of your sales organization. In addition, our Talent Audit system allows you to assess new employees and add them to the database. This keeps the data up to date and allows you to update it regularly.

Select talent with the 30-30-30-10 rule For the most effective candidate selection process, we advise our clients to work with a balanced multi-stage system. That is why we strongly support the ’30-30-30-10 rule’. In addition, 30% of the final choice should be based on the test results, 30% on the background information and reference checks, 30% on the results of the job interview and the last 10% on the perceived connection to the company culture. “To help clients implement a structured, measurable application process, Talent4Success offers tailor-made evaluations and a brochure for interviews.” Job Interview Evaluation Talent4Success has developed evaluation forms that allow our clients to conduct interviews for specific positions based on questions, which focus on the various essential skills identified for the success of that position. Research shows that this questioning method is the most effective interview procedure. In this method, the interviewer asks open-ended questions that focus on the qualities that a suitable candidate should have. There is also an alternative set of questions for each of the essential skills, so even if the candidate is invited to multiple interviews, there are plenty of questions available. Both forms of the evaluation are provided with a rating scale to rate the answers. Interview brochure This brochure contains information on basic techniques to increase confidence in the outcome of the application process. You will read about the most important factors, which research shows that they are useful and useful during the procedure for hiring the right employees. Typical interview brochure content To conduct a job interview that is part of a selection system:
  • Review the essential criteria for the position, including job expectations and essential skills
  • Define the recruitment process – the most economical and objective process
  • Prepare for the interviews – Choose a method, assemble an interview team, identify common mistakes to avoid, and determine what company information to review with candidates
Have deep conversations
  • Use the questions for the job profile
Make follow-up calls
  • Integrate the impressions of the conversation with objective assessment results, which may conflict with each other
  • Alternative questions
  • Valuable information from the reference study
  • Practical tips from highly experienced interviewers
State-of-the-art selection systems Our Chally assessment is based on extensive and ongoing actuarial research. The database contains profile data and performance measures of more than 400,000 reputable companies and candidates working in sales, management and other specialized functions. We have conducted more than 400 validation studies and continue to use state-of-the-art techniques to provide accurate performance predictions to our new client. From describing to predicting We focus on predicting success in a specific position and not just global descriptions such as ‘extroversion’. Talent4Success has developed scale models for the specific skills and behaviors that are indispensable for the success of a specific position. For example, it can be interesting to know how energetic a candidate is, but it is far more important that you know whether your intended sales candidate can find new clients, remove objections and ultimately close deals. Through this approach, we have formulated specific skill requirements for different positions. A strategic account manager must have very different skills than a telemarketer, even though both positions involve sales. This approach applies not only to sales, but also to management and many other leadership positions. Predictive assessment properties:
  • Targeted at sales, management and leadership
  • Description of behavior in a specific role rather than abstract “good guy” characteristics
  • Validated profiles
  • Quantified (numerical) proficiency measures
  • Coaching tips for weaker skills
  • Dedicated account management specialists
  • Fast turnaround time
  • Hidden (unclear) scored items and built-in validity scales
  • Reports also available for candidates
  • “Summaries” of reports available from pre-validated profiles
  • Selection audit
Advantages of assessments with a predictive value:
  • Be objective and point only to the skills for the specific position that will affect the final result
  • Focused on specific behaviors that influence the results and that can be observed and coached
  • Compared to existing methods, they provide a significant improvement in accuracy
  • Predict the actual level of performance compared to the current workforce; deliver firm recommendations rather than vague or superficial descriptions
  • Deliver immediate targets for candidate development, based on recommendations relative to individuals who perform best in a similar role
  • Fewer delays and loss of good candidates
  • Discourage manipulation of the results
  • Adjust ‘fraudsters’ scores to better understand actual behavior at work
  • The test does not need to be performed under supervision
  • Provide a means of assessing results when candidates are more admissible during the procedure
  • Reduce the evaluation costs of unqualified candidates
  • The selection scales are periodically adapted to new needs or changes in the market
Assessments are extremely useful tools for issues related to almost all aspects of personal development. Its use has therefore boomed, especially now that the accessibility of assessments has been greatly increased due to the advent of the internet. And although there are often too high expectations of what you can do with an assessment, the general awareness of arriving at clarifying insights with assessments has also grown strongly.

Talent4Success also has additional unique and distinctive assessments at its disposal in the following areas:
  • Career choice
  • Occupation specific
  • Cognitive Abilities
  • Personality
Below you will find an extensive overview of our assessment offer.

Career choice

360 degree competency test

This assessment quickly and reliably reflects what someone thinks is his/her strongest competences and how others judge him/her on these competences.

Occupational test for study choice

The special situation of young people during career and study choice asks for this special test. The part with forced choice questions in particular reflects reality well.

Career choice test

This widely applicable career choice test for higher educated people (MBO, HBO and WO) offers a complete picture of a person’s personality and the type of work that suits it.

Career choice test elementary professions

Broad measurement for (other) suitable work at the level lbo and sheltered employment.

Career choice test fundamental professions

Especially for young people and adults with a lower level of education from VMBO to MBO-2, this test offers broad directional advice.

Career anchors (Schein theory)

Quickly determine which career anchors are most important to you.

Competency Test

This assessment quickly and reliably reflects what someone considers his strongest competencies.

Group role test

Determine very quickly and easily which group role suits you best.

Dutch work values ​​test

This assessment quickly and reliably shows which work values ​​someone really finds important.

Occupation specific

Management test

This assessment provides a clear description of someone’s management style and a comparison with Dutch (top) managers on a scale for management characteristics.

Marketing and sales potential test

This assessment provides a clear indication of a person’s potential to be a successful marketing and sales professional.

Cognitive Abilities

Higher Level Analogies

This assessment provides a quick estimate of a person’s capacity to solve analogies.

Middle level analogies

This assessment provides a quick estimate of a person’s capacity to solve analogies.

Higher Level Number Series

This assessment provides a quick estimate of a person’s ability to solve logical sequences of numbers.

Secondary Level Number Series

This assessment provides a quick estimate of a person’s ability to solve logical sequences of numbers.

Grammar test HBO/WO

Determine the level of grammar and spelling of the Dutch language quickly and easily.

IQ test

This IQ test quickly and reliably provides a real IQ score in relation to the Dutch working population.

Vocabulary test HBO level

Quickly and easily determine the insight into word knowledge of the Dutch language at HBO level in (young) adults.

Vocabulary test MBO level

Quickly and easily determine the insight into word knowledge of the Dutch language at MBO level in (young) adults.

Vocabulary test VMBO level

Quickly and easily determine the insight into word knowledge of the Dutch language at VMBO level in (young) adults.


Enneagram test

This assessment quickly and reliably shows which Enneagram types are most and least applicable to someone.

Jung personality test

This assessment quickly and reliably indicates which of Jung’s 16 personality types apply to someone.

Core typing test

This assessment quickly and reliably provides a concise profile (personal SWOT) of someone’s strengths and pitfalls.

Dutch personality test

This assessment quickly and reliably provides a very extensive personality determination on the Big Five factors and 30 underlying scales.

Personality test

This assessment quickly and reliably provides a concise profile of someone’s personality based on the best validated personality theory in the world (the Big Five).

Work style test

This assessment quickly and reliably provides a concise profile of someone’s personality (based on the Big Five) and the associated work style and appropriate work environments.


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