Our Chally assessment can help you increase productivity, reduce turnover and reduce the cost of hire with scientifically validated hiring assessments and talent audits for sales, sales management, executive leadership and professional positions. Whether you are responsible for selecting new employees, assessing the performance of your current workforce, embarking on sales and leadership team development, or planning for executive succession, we have the experience and talent analytics to assure you get the most return on your investment.

Solutions suite

The objective for all of our solutions is to assist clients in increasing sales and management productivity and profitability. We do this by helping systematically identify the best sales, service and management personnel to meet top performance requirements. Typically we work with clients to:

  • Identify gaps against World Class benchmark standards
  • Measure and track potential improvements
  • Quantitatively establish predictive profiles, skill levels, and work habit of exceptional performers
  • Develop effective systems for candidate selection and staff development
  • Establish measurements to monitor performance against World Class standards
  • Provide tools for more effective and standardized interview and coaching processes

Our comprehensive solutions suite includes a full array of tools that help manage talent.

  • Profile Building – job analysis, validation, competency mapping
  • Predictive Assessments for selection and development
  • Talent Audit for alignment and development
  • Performance Track for Performance/Potential Gap analysis
  • Customer Feedback Analysis

Our Chally assessments provide added value – Guaranteed!

Good solutions and services are only one element of our commitment to customer satisfaction. Our customer service includes:

  • Dedicated Industrial/Organizational Psychologists and consultants focused on your market
  • Assistance in selection-related topics such as interviewing, recruiting or coaching
  • Individual consulting as requested, to fit specialized sales or marketing requirements
  • Customized profiles for all positions with a large enough number of incumbents to statistically validate
  • Ongoing tracking to refine selection criteria and calibrate profiles as your business model changes
Targeted business applications
Targeted business applications
An innovative application that measures skills related to specific business goals

Our Chally assessment has created a unique solution that utilizes our unparalleled database to apply analytics to skills related to reaching specific business goals. Our Targeted Business Application enables organizations to focus their overall talent management efforts on specific goals by pinpointing targeted developmental actions needed on specific competencies to reach those goals.

Don’t let your strategic vision get blurred by your people

You can realize these benefits by using Chally’s targeted business application.

  • Save money by focusing developmental efforts on the overall company needs and not wasting euros training on other competencies that may not be as relevant to your strategic goals
  • Increase engagement by placing and developing people where they can excel and contribute to your company’s success
  • Diagnose bench strength for realignment, promotions and succession planning
  • Increase productivity and reduce turnover by understanding capabilities and focusing planning based on talent strengths and needed development

Sample target business application

Talent Audit
Want to know how to select, align, & develop your Sales Talent?

Watch the Talent Audit overview below.

What is the Talent Audit?

Most organizations have identified Sales Talent Management as a strategic priority. However, the methods they use to evaluate salespeople are typically flawed. Making effective decisions about Sales Talent Management is nearly impossible when relying on methods that are subjective, inconsistent, not tailored to specific job skills, or because the results are not meaningful enough to support objective and accurate decision making.

Your organization’s Sales Skill “DNA” at a glance

The Talent Audit System provides access to skill comparisons and overall success potentials with the predictive accuracy similar to the way a DNA strand identifies genetic makeup of each salesperson. In this manner organizations are able to inventory a complete list of strengths and development needs for all sales representatives across every sales position, with every team, or across the whole organization. And, once you implement the initial Talent Audit System, we will work with you to update the data with information on new hires, promotions, new profiles, derailers and any other employee changes and needs of your sales organization. In addition, the Talent Audit System allows you to assess new employees and add them to the database to ensure the data remains current and can be regularly updated.

Interview evaluations

The 30-30-30-10 Rule to Talent Selection

We encourage clients to consider balanced, multi-phase systems for the most effective candidate selection results. We recommend the “30-30-30-10 Rule” be followed. Thirty percent of a final selection should be based on test results, 30% on background information and reference checks, 30% based on interview results and the final 10% on perceived fit with the company’s culture.

To assist clients in implementing a structured, scorable interview process, Talent4Success offers tailored Interview Evaluations and an Interview Guide

Interview Evaluations

We have created Interview Evaluation forms for specific positions with cone questions for each of the critical success skills that have been identified for that particular position. Research has shown the cone question approach is the most effective process for interviewing. When using this approach, the interviewer asks open-ended questions which focus on characteristics sought in the candidate. An alternate set of cone questions for each of the critical success skills is also available so if there is more than one person interviewing a candidate, you will automatically have cone questions for both people responsible for interviewing. Both forms of the evaluation include a rating scale to score answers.

Interview Guide

This Guide provides information on basic techniques that can increase confidence in the outcome of the interview process. It covers the key factors that research has shown to be most useful and beneficial when trying to hire the right people.

Typical contents of an Interview Guide

Interviewing as part of a selection system:

  • Review the critical criteria for the position including job expectations and critical success skills
  • Define the hiring process – the most economical and objective process
  • Prepare for the Interview Sessions – select a method, establish an interview team, review what common mistakes to avoid, determine company information to review with candidates

Conducting in-depth interviews

  • Use the cone questions developed for position profile

Conducting follow-up interviews

  • How to integrate interview impressions and objective testing data that may conflict


  • Alternate cone questions
  • How to get valid information in a background check
  • Practical tips of excellent interviewers
Predictive assessments
State-of-the-Art selection systems

Our Chally assessment is based on extensive and on-going actuarial research. The database includes profile results and measures of performance for over 400,000 incumbents and candidates in sales, management, and specialized functional positions. We have completed over 400 validation studies and continue to leverage state-of-the-science techniques for new clients to accurately predict on-the-job performance.

Beyond describing to predicting

We focus on predicting success on the job rather than describing broad traits like “extroversion.” We have researched and developed scales that measure the specific skills and behaviours needed to be successful on the job. It may be interesting to know a candidate’s energy level, for example, but it is critical to know that the sales candidate can successfully prospect, resolve objections, and close.

This approach has led to identifying specific skill requirements for different positions. The skill sets required for a Strategic Account Manager, for instance, are different from those needed by someone in Inbound Telesales, even though they are both sales positions. This approach is true for sales, management, and numerous other leadership positions.

Predictive assessments features:

  • Focused Sales and Leadership
  • Description of “on-the-job” behaviour rather than abstract “good guy characteristics”
  • Validated profiles
  • Quantified (numerical) skill measures
  • Coaching tips for weaker skills
  • Dedicated Account Management representatives
  • Quick turnaround
  • Hidden (not obvious) scored items and built-in validity scales
  • Report for the candidate available
  • “Summary” Reports available for validated positions
  • Selection audit

Predictive assessments benefits:

  • Objectively pinpoints only the skills for the specific position that affect bottom-line results
  • Focuses on specific behaviours that affect results, and that can be observed and coached
  • Substantially improves selection accuracy from existing methods
  • Predicts actual level of performance in comparison to present force; provides firm instead of vague or hedged recommendations
  • Provides immediate targets for development based on recommendations from top performers
  • Your Account Manager will acquire experience with your company in your market
  • Fewer delays and loss of good candidates
  • Discourages attempts to manipulate the test results
  • Adjusts scores of “fakers” to better reflect actual on-the-job behaviours
  • Permits non-monitored administration of the test
  • Provides results review vehicle at hiring when candidates are more receptive
  • Reduces cost to evaluate non-qualified applicants
  • Selection scales adjusted periodically to reflect new needs or market changes

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