Horizon, the right support online


Online portal

Talent development. Guiding people to other work. Sometimes that can be quite complicated. At Talent4Success, we like to make things as easy as possible for employers and employees. One way we do this is through our online portal, which is available day and night.
  • Looking for a new job?
  • Is your career stalling?
  • Starting your own business?
  • Early retirement?
If you have a question about your career, we have the answer. We can also help you in the evening or in the weekend. Get to know Horizon, Talent4Success’ online portal. In this online portal, we have bundled a lot of information about work and the job market in one convenient place. That makes life easier, right?


Career goal

The portal has been set up with a clear mission: to make it easier to find your next career goal. For instance, Horizon provides you with information on employers, access to various job boards, a rich offer of e-learning modules and a job tracking system.

We also have a CV configurator on board. This tool helps candidates to create a CV quickly and easily. They can choose from various formats, which are also Applicant Tracking System (ATS) proof. In the United States and Western Europe, almost all companies work with this system. A vacancy often leads to dozens, sometimes even hundreds of reactions and that takes a lot of time. ATS automates the selection process of CVs. This ensures that your CV ends up on the ‘invite’ pile.

Achieved your career goal? Congratulations, that’s why we do it. We now grant you lifelong access to the T4S Alumni portal. Here you will find extensive information about the change process, intended for people who are still in transition, and more about career questions that may arise in the future.