Career transition


An appropriate next step

For many people, work is an important part of their lives. It motivates, brings joy and gives meaning. But on that long career path, there are sometimes obstacles in the way. An unexpected reorganisation, for example, or the feeling of being stuck in a job. Then it’s time for change, time for a new step.

But how then? With whom? And what do I actually want? And what does that mean for an employer?

At Talent4Success, we know better than anyone what is involved in the path to another job. For years we have been leading in career management and outplacement programmes. Always personal and with a clear goal: finding new job satisfaction.

Career guidance and outplacement

  • Do you see no chance of progression with your current employer?
  • Would you like to try your hand at a different business?
  • Make a fresh start after a professional setback?
  • Do you aspire to something different, but don’t have a concrete plan yet?

We give careers back the shine they deserve. Together we discuss your current situation, formulate new goals, zoom in on your skills and map out your options one by one. We also support these analyses with assessments. You will probably be amazed at how this professional reorientation helps you discover your own potential.

Here, too, personal guidance is key. Where one employee is helped by an elevator pitch training, another benefits more from preparing for a job interview, for example how you present yourself and answer difficult questions.

In addition to this intensive one-to-one guidance, our online portal offers 24/7 access to relevant information on various payroll topics. You can also participate in our live webinars and workshops here.

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Available opportunities

A next step requires customization. 
To personal guidance and a large network.  
We also look for available vacancies that have not yet been published. Mind you, you are in the driver's seat during this entire process.

You determine the pace and the direction we go. You remain in charge of your career switch action plan.

Group outplacement

Your company has to let go of a large number of employees. In other words, a group dismissal. And that is quite intensive. Sometimes even emotional. We will support you from A to Z in organising a socially acceptable redundancy plan. This is tailor-made work with one main goal: for employees to quickly find a new job that suits them. It is the way to end an often unpleasant period.

Our programme is based on a 3-step plan.

  1. Orientation: we study the situation, carry out assessments and analyse the individual opportunities.
  1. Mobilisation & qualification: we prepare your employees for a new job by using job interview training, seminars and webinars, for example. This can be done individually and in groups.
  1. Placement: our career consultants have years of experience and know many companies in the region. We actively approach them with suitable proposals, even if there are no vacancies.

Executive outplacement

One of your top executives is relieved of his or her duties. The follow-up to this step requires a professional support plan. Talent4Success has extensive experience in this. We offer your former senior managers intensive support in finding a new, suitable position. We do that with:
  • The use of highly experienced career consultants, professionals who have previously held management positions
  • A personal plan of action
  • An international network of companies
  • A wide-angle perspective, so that we can cover as many scenarios as possible
  • Scientifically proven assessment and evaluation instruments


Your employee is unable to work for a while due to an illness, conflict at work or burnout. Other suitable work in the company itself is not yet possible. What now? In the Netherlands, employers are responsible for the reintegration of employees. Strict rules apply to this. For example, the UWV states that you must build up a complete and correct reintegration file with:
  • Plan of action
  • problem analysis
  • Defeated
  • Evaluations
Admittedly, such a file can be quite complex. Especially if you have no experience with this. An experienced partner who advises and assists you during this reintegration process is therefore no superfluous luxury.

Poortwachter Improvement Act

In the Netherlands we have the Poortwachter Improvement Act, which is aimed at combating long-term absenteeism due to illness. To what extent is your company equipped for this? We map out the entire process for you, from the first illness notification. We use an extensive checklist to assess all medical and occupational aspects, the correctness of the terms and other assessment criteria.

Reintegration track 2 procedure

Is the employee ready for reintegration and is there no longer any prospect of a structural resumption within his own organisation? Then we link him or her to one of our payroll consultants. That is someone from their own region, who knows the local labor market well. Together we inventory the possibilities and limitations. We then draw up an action plan.

  • What are the desired position, industry and region to get back to work?
  • What training might be required for this?
In this phase we also carry out an assessment. The coaching is always one-on-one. Pragmatic, but above all involved. Our career consultant helps with drafting letters and updating a resume, practices the job interview and deploys a strong own network.

Partner programmes for expats

An expat adventure will only succeed if the international employee feels at home in the new country. This, of course, also applies to the other members of the family. For example, how quickly can a spouse find work?

Talent4Success offers partner programmes especially for this group. We guide spouses of expats in finding a new job in the Benelux. We do this by means of a three-step program, which is further tailored to the personal needs of the partner. Being able to work often makes this group of spouses feel at home more quickly.


There are people who lose their jobs due to automation. Others just want something different after so many years. Retraining is then one of the options. That doesn’t have to sound negative, it offers people new opportunities.

Would you or your employee like to learn a completely different trade? Perhaps it is more about brushing up on specific knowledge, intended to be able to get back to work. Talent4Success is also available for advice on retraining. In this way we ensure that people do not end up on the sidelines, but continue to participate actively in society.